Let’s Loop Oregon

We’re out to Loop Oregon!  But, what in the world is a Hearing Loop?

Join HearingHealth and The Hearing Loss Association of Oregon as we make Oregon accessible, and ADA Compliant, for people with hearing loss.

If you’re hearing impaired, with or without hearing devices, it’s nearly impossible to hear a sermon, people in a meeting, a play or movie, announcements, or a sales clerk in places with poor acoustics or background noise.

hearing loop auditoriumHearing Loops (aka Induction Loops) solve this problem.  Unlike FM and Infrared systems that deliver poorer sound quality, cost more, and are rarely used, Hearing Loops provide clear, noise-free sound without wearing an embarrassing neck loop.  With an Induction Loop the sound is sent wirelessly into the hearing aid or cochlear device via the Telecoil in the aid.

hearing loop bankHow to get involved:

1)  Attend a Looping Oregon MeetUp (Every other Sunday 3-4pm) and/or a HLA of Oregon Meeting (monthly various cities).

2)  Send us a list of places you think should be looped, and a contact person if you know it.

Here are some examples:

  • Churches                               Theaters
  • Schools                                  Performing Arts Centers
  • Airports                                   Ticket windows
  • Sports stadiums                     Buses
  • Auditoriums                            Trains
  • Grocery counters                   Drive-thru’s (Banks, Pharmacies, Fast Food)
  • Senior Centers                       City Hall
  • You can loop your home for clear TV/Stereo sound.

Loops in Oregon

Community of Christ Church, 4813 NE Couch St., Portland, OR 97213, 503-238-9880

Hearing Health, 4921 SW 76th Ave., Portland, OR 97225, 503-292-2995

Vocational Rehabilitation (meeting room), 541 Willamette, Eugene, OR 97401, 541-686-7990

Eugene City Hall (McNutt Room), 777 Pearl St., Eugene, OR  97401, 541-682-5010

Coburg Rd Church of Christ, 1005 Coburg Rd., Eugene, OR 97401, 541-344-7752

Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard Street, Eugene, OR 97405, 541-682-5311

First Presbyterian Church, 405 E California, Jacksonville, OR 97530, 541-889-1287

Oakview Community Church of God, 38181 Gilkey Road, Scio, OR 97374, 503-394-3806

Northwood Christian Church, 2425 Harvest Lane, Springfield, OR 97477, 541-746-2790

Loops in Washington


Induction Loop Installers Certified to IEC Specifications

Portland – Interconnex, Michael Tabaka, 503-742-0412

Eugene – Pro Sound and Video, Anthony March, 541-485-5252